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... Then you're truly wireless.

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TAPP frequently asked questions

I accidently said "NO" on the question to enable the location service

You can reset the location services in the following four steps:
  1. Choose for "Settings"
  2. Tap on "General"
  3. Choose for "Locations Services"
  4. Turn "ON" the switch for TAPP
Choose for 'Settings' Tap on 'General' Choose for 'Locations Services' Turn 'ON' the switch for TAPP

TAPP crashes as soon as the second screen pops up, after the "initializing planes" message

There are some known issues with devices using iOS 3.x. Please upgrade your iPod, iPhone or iPad to iOS 4.x.x or higher (If your device is capable to have a newer iOS version!)

TAPP was not working (for a long time)!

We are sorry to say we had a server crash, due to mismanagement of our provider. We needed a couple of weeks to rebuild our server

How can I reach the developers for questions or suggestions?

Please mail to We'll try to answer your mail as soon as possible!

..... this page will be updated if necessary ....

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