A society where such disclaimers are needed is saddening.



disclaimer This website and the products we offer are provided for entertainment and/or information purposes only. And it's all meant to be fun. So if you don't like this website, or our products: don't use them.

In most of our applications users can post messages, photos, audio and/or video, and it should be clear that we can accept no liability for any information that is transmitted by users of our products. However, if you think that someone's message (in any format) is offensive, violating your copyrights, illegal, etc., please make a screenshot of the message and mail it to us. We'll investigate it, and take the necessary steps to remove the content and/or block the user who transmitted it.

We will never sell or give away information about user statistics.

Finally, it should be obvious that we don't accept liability of any damage you cause to someone or something else during the use of our products.

Privacy statement

CompasitionApps does not process any personal data because no personal data can be left on our site or in our apps. We also do not use social media plugins or cookies.

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