News reports don't change the world. Only facts change it,

and those have already happened when we get the news.

Friedrich Durrenmatt

17-05-2013 Photophix logo PhotoPhix 1.0 available in the AppStore

Features of PhotoPhix 1.0:

  • Create PhotoPhix collages
  • Apply masks and filters on your photo (collage)
  • Make a drawing on your photo
  • Add clipart to your photo collage
  • Place text labels on your PhotoPhix photo (collage)
  • Save or share your PhotoPhix collage to Facebook, Twitter, Sina Weibo or our sample gallery, or send it by mail

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02-12-2012 TAPP logo TAPP 1.6 available in the AppStore

What's new in TAPP 1.6:

  • Optimized for iOS 5 & 6
  • Tuned for iPhone 5
  • Reduced data traffic
  • Use of location services is now optional
  • Option to report planes as boring (when you have thrown a lot of planes yourself)
  • Bugs fixed and enhancements

02-06-2012 TAPP logo TAPP 1.51 available in the AppStore

What's new in TAPP 1.5(1):

  • Push notifications when your planes have moved
  • Added animation to the plane route
  • Share TAPP with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and by e-mail
  • Colors added to the drawing palette
  • Bugs fixed

11-04-2012 TAPP logo TAPP 1.4 available in the AppStore

What's new in TAPP 1.4:

  • Reply directly from the logbook (when a plane is in range)
  • Added colors to the drawing palette
  • Bug fixes

16-12-2011 TAPP logo TAPP XE available in iTunes!

Throw a X-mas tree

Between 16-12-2011 and 06-01-2012 you can throw messages, photos, drawings and movies on a X'mas tree....See them fly around the world and read what others add to your messages...

10-11-2011 TAPP logo TAPP 1.3 Available in iTunes!

New in TAPP 1.3:

  • Add a drawing of handwriting to your planes
  • Bugs fixed

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11-10-2011 TAPP logo TAPP 1.2 Available in iTunes!

TAPP on iTunes

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09-10-2011 TAPP logo TAPP 1.2 submitted to Apple for review

TAPP 1.2 will be available soon. What's new in TAPP 1.2:

  • Reduced data traffic
  • Optimized plane loading
  • Flight logbook
  • Option to report a plane
  • Statistics and achievements
  • Support for movies
  • Radius bonus system
  • Several bug fixes
  • Configurable autocorrect

02-07-2011 TAPP logo TAPP is available in the AppStore again!

We have managed to get most paper planes back on the map. We have activated TAPP in the AppStore again.

23-06-2011 TAPP logo TAPP is working!

After a few weeks we have recovered from a server crash.
We lost a lot of planes, but we are still trying to get them back on in the air.
TAPP will be available in the Appstore soon!

19-04-2011 TAPP logo TAPP Server unavailable!

Due to mismanagement of our provider our server has crashed. We have to build up the complete server.

07-02-2011 TAPP logo TAPP 1.0 Available in iTunes!

TAPP on iTunes

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30-01-2011 TAPP logo TAPP 1.0 submitted to Apple for review


  • Throw paper planes with messages and photos in any direction, and let your plane fly around the world
  • Search for planes all over the world, and open them if they are within range of your current position
  • Add messages and photos to the planes you find
  • Trace the planes that you have thrown away
  • No adds (or someone must have thrown a plane with a commercial message)
  • TAPP is device-based, so an account to login is not needed


  • Internet connection on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch
  • Location Services enabled

Read more ...TAPP here

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