You don't take a photograph,

... you make it

Ansel Adams


PhotoPhix logo Want to do more with your photos?
Collages, borders, textlabels, stickers, clipart, masks, frames , effects, filters, drawings on your photos ... it's all possible with PhotoPhix!

There are unlimited possibilities for creating your own PhotoPhix collage.
And when you're done, share your collages on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp Instagram, Sina Weibo. Use it for your photos on Thumblr, Google+, Streamzoo, Tadaa etcetera.

PhotoPhix: THE ultimate all-in-one photo app for iPhone, iPad and iPod!

Have fun with PhotoPhix!


  • Create photo collages with 1 to 16 photos
  • Change the look of your photos with straight or rounded corners and colored borders with shadow
  • Choose your own background color or use a photo from your Camera Roll
  • Draw on your PhotoPhix collage
  • Add clipart to your collage (you can even add your own clipart)
  • Add pre defined text labels (stickers) or create your own one
  • Apply masks and effects to your photo collage
  • Put a frame around your photo collage
  • Save or share your PhotoPhix collage to Facebook, Twitter, Sina Weibo, WhatsApp, Instagram or our sample gallery, or send it by email


To use PhotoPhix on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, you need to have:

  • iOS 4.3 or higher
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